List Of Programmes To Access Domestic Markets

Access to Market/Domestic Markets


The National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NAFCOC) is an independent and non-profit business support organisation primarily, but not exclusively, serving the black community. Its main objective is to promote and encourage the development of black business in South Africa and thereby draw the black majority into economic activity and decision making. It aims to promote a spirit of co-operation and unity among black business people, to encourage self-help in the black community and full participation in the economy of the country.

Website: https://www.nafcoc-sa.co.za/


Seda’s mission and purpose is to develop, support and promote small enterprises to ensure their growth and sustainability in co-ordination and partnership with other role players. While ensuring that the small enterprise sector grows and increases its contribution to sustainable and equitable social and economic development, employment and wealth creation.

Seda assist SMMEs with the following services:

Seda Business Talk – Offerings focusing on clients who want information on starting a business.
Assistance Provided:

Business Advice and Information
Business Registration
Small Enterprise Training
Seda Business Start – Provides tools and techniques for clients who are ready to start a business and want assistance and direction.
Assistance Provided:

Business Planning
Facilitation of Access to Finance
Business Counselling
Business Support
Seda Business Build – Offerings focusing on clients who want skills to sustain and strengthen their businesses.
Assistance Provided:

Capacity Building Systems
Tender Advice / Procurement
Export Readiness
Seda Business Grow – Offerings focusing on clients who want to grow their businesses and expand nationally and internationally.
Assistance Provided:

Business Systems Development
Cooperative Support
Growth Strategies
Website: https://www.seda.org.za/Pages/Home.aspx


The South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry Domestic
The chamber movement addresses all the economic, social and political issues affecting the business community in one way or another. The chamber movement is apolitical. It is “the voice of business” and it ensures that this voice is heard where it matters – where it is necessary to protect the interests of business, at local, regional and national levels. SACCI is a proponent of the role that business can play in socio-economic development in general and in contributing to national economic objectives specifically. We embrace a partnership approach to challenges in the business environment and in the national economy.

Website: https://www.sacci.org.za/

BKCOB – Border Kei Chamber of Business

The driving focus of the Chamber is to represent the interests of business by identifying, developing and promoting the major issues that contribute to economic activity and growth in the region as well as to reduce the barriers that threaten the regions global competitiveness.

The Border-Kei Chamber of Business affiliates and is a member of the national South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI) which is in turn affiliated to the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) and to NEDLAC. This provides our members with access through the Chamber to powerful decision making bodies that impact the business environment, nationally and internationally on issues such as tax policy; industrial and labour relations and economic controls.

At regional level, the Chamber strives to promote the socio-economic advancement of all people living and working in the Border-Kei region. It addresses issues around economic and industrial development; factory and business regulations; rates and local taxation; energy; town planning; crime; traffic and parking; regulations for informal traders; training needs; rail and air transport; freight handling; and tourist attractions.

Website: www.bkcob.co.za/