Grant Funding

Access to Finance / Grant Funding

Seda Technology Programme (STP) – Technology Transfer Fund (TTF)

To facilitate technological innovation and accessibility of technologies and technical support for small enterprises.

Cost sharing grant for:

Machinery and Equipment.
Business Development Services.
Target Clients / Sectors:

Small enterprises particularly enterprises in the 2nd economy.

Website: https://www.seda.org.za/MyBusiness/STP/Pages/AboutSTP.aspx

Black Business Supplier Development Programme (BBSDP)

To assist Black enterprises to improve their competitiveness and sustainability.

Cost-sharing grant for:

Tools, Machinery and Equipment
business development
Target Clients / Sectors:

Majority Black owned enterprises with predominantly black management teams.

Website: https://www.dsbd.gov.za/about-dsbd.html

Co-operative Incentive Scheme (CIS)

To improve the viability and competitiveness of co-operative enterprises.

Cost sharing grant for:

Working Capital
Business Development
Operating Equipment
Technology and Systems
Target Clients / Sectors:

Registered primary co-operatives

Website: https://www.dsbd.gov.za/about-dsbd.html

Manufacturing Investment Programme (MIP)

To stimulate investment in the manufacturing sector and create jobs.

Cost sharing grant for:

Qualifying investment costs.
Target Clients / Sectors:

Local and foreign-owned manufacturers that wish to

establish a new production facility;
expand an existing production facility; or
upgrade an existing facility.
Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=2&subthemeid=

Technology and Human Resources for Industry Programme (THRIP)

To improve the competitiveness of South African industry, by supporting research and technology development activities, and enhancing the quality and quantity of appropriately skilled people.

Cost-sharing grant for projects that:

Promote and Facilitate Scientific Research, Technology Development and Technology Diffusion and
Includes a Human Resource Development Component.
Target Clients / Sector:

Industrial and growth sectors of the DTI.

Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=52&subthemeid

Business Process Services (BPS)

To attract investment and create employment in South Africa via offshoring activities.

Tax Exempt grant for:

Each offshore job created and maintained.
Target Clients / Sectors:

Enterprises performing Business Process Services.

Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=6&subthemeid=

Capital Projects Feasibility Programme

To facilitate feasibility studies that are likely to lead to high-impact projects which will stimulate value-adding economic activities in South Africa.


Up to a maximum of 55% of the total costs of the feasibility study.

Target Clients / Sectors:

New projects
Expansion of existing projects and
The rehabilitation of existing projects that fulfil the objectives of the programme.
Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=4&subthemeid=25

Clothing and Textile Competitiveness Improvement Programme (CTCIP)

Aimed at structurally changing the Clothing, Textiles, Footwear, Leather & Leather Goods manufacturing industries by providing funding assistance for these sectors to invest in competitiveness improvement interventions.

Cost sharing grant for:

qualifying costs
Target Clients / Sectors:

Companies in the clothing and textile sector.

Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=35&subthemeid=

Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP)

Encourage enterprises to upgrade their production facilities, processes, products and up-skill workers.

Non-taxable grant:

Calculated as a percentage of Manufacturing Value Added (MVA).

Target Clients / Sectors:

Manufacturing enterprises in operation for more than one year.

Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/MCEP.jsp

Foreign Investment Grant (FIG)

To compensate qualifying foreign investors for the costs of moving qualifying new machinery and equipment from abroad to South Africa.

Cash grant:

To compensate qualifying foreign investors for costs incurred in moving qualifying new machinery and equipment from abroad to RSA.

Target Clients / Sectors:

Foreign investors that have been approved for the MIP.

Website: https://www.investmentincentives.co.za/expenditure-capital/foreign-investment-grant

Production Incentive (PI)

To assist the industry in upgrading its processes, products and people.

Upgrade grant facility or an interest subsidy facility or a combination of both.

Target Clients / Sectors:

Clothing and Textile manufacturers.

Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=36&subthemeid=25

Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS)

Developing industry sectors as a whole
Developing new export markets
Stimulating job creation
Broadening the export base
Proposing solutions to factors inhibiting export growth
Promoting broader participation of black owned and SMME’s to the economy.
Cost sharing grant:

Target Clients / Sectors:

Export Councils,
Joint Action Groups and
Industry Associations
Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=8&subthemeid=26

Critical Infrastructure Programme (CIP)

To support competitiveness by lowering business costs and risks
Provide targeted financial support for physical infrastructure and
Cost-sharing cash grant:

Target Clients / Sectors:

Private investors/companies and
Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=3

Automotive Incentive Scheme

To strengthen and diversify the automotive sector through investment in new and/or replacement models and components.

Taxable cash grant:

Based on a percentage of the value of qualifying investment in productive assets.

Target Clients / Sectors:

Light motor vehicle manufacturers.
Component or deemed component manufacturers.
Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=37&subthemeid=

Aquaculture Development and Enhancement Programme (ADEP)

To stimulate investment in the aquaculture sector.

Reimbursable cost-sharing grant for qualifying costs.

Target Clients / Sectors:

Primary, secondary and ancillary aquaculture activities in both marine and freshwater.

Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=56&subthemeid=26

Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII)

To promote technology development in South Africa’s industry. The programme focussed specifically on the development phase, which begins at the conclusion of basic research and ends at the point when a pre-production prototype has been produced.

Two types of Grants:

Non-repayable grant covering a percentage of ‘qualifying’ costs incurred in the development activities of a specified development project.
Levy-based grant based on a percentage of sales over a fixed number of years.
Target Clients / Sectors:

Significant advancement in technology for South African registered companies and the intellectual property to reside in South African registered company.

Website: https://www.thedti.gov.za/financial_assistance/financial_incentive.jsp?id=48&subthemeid=